May 2, 2007

Is Nefertiti now more German than Egyptian?

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Words can not describe the bizarre grabbing at straws by Berlin’s Zeitung newspaper, that the bust of Nefertiti now belongs more to Germany than it does to Egypt.

EUX.TV (Netherlands)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007 at 14:47
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FEATURE: Nefertiti now “more German” than Egyptian, Berliners claim
By Ernest Gill, dpa

Berlin (dpa) – Demands by Cairo for Berlin to hand over the famed bust of 18th Dynasty Queen Nefertiti have spawned a raging debate in Germany over whether the 3,300-year-old art treasure is not actually more of a Berliner than she is an Egyptian.

“The bust has been above ground and visible in Berlin for much longer than it ever was in Egypt,” said the Berliner Zeitung newspaper amid mounting calls by Cairo for the bust to be loaned out to its land of origin, if not actually given to Egypt permanently.

“She has become the epitome of slimly modern beauty, the ideal of self-confident modern womanhood,” the paper insisted.

There is a grain of truth to that argument, since the bust was found in the ruins of the city of Akhetaten, which flourished a scant 15 years before being abandoned 33 centuries ago. The bust was unearthed there by German archeologists in 1912.

So in fact, it has been “above ground and visible” in Berlin for nearly a century – far longer than it ever was in Egypt.

The Berlin newspaper argued that the bust has become an icon of Berlin, a veritable cultural landmark associated with the city.

Egypt said Sunday it would seek the temporary return of some of its most precious artifacts from museums abroad, including the Rosetta Stone and the bust of Nefertiti.

The country’s chief archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, said the Foreign Ministry would send letters to France, Germany, the United States and Britain requesting that the ancient artifacts be loaned to Egypt.

Hawass has previously demanded the permanent return of many of the artifacts, claiming some of them were taken illegally.

This time, the country is requesting museums loan the artifacts so they can be exhibited either at the 2011 opening of the Egyptian Museum, near the site of the Great Pyramids at Giza, or the Atum museum, which is set to open in the Nile Delta city of Meniya in 2010, the Supreme Council of Antiquities said in a statement.

The exquisite limestone bust of Queen Nefertiti forms the focal point of the Berlin collection, which ranks among the top two or three collections in the world outside Egypt itself.

The British Museum, the Louvre in Paris and the Metropolitan in New York are the only chief rivals to Berlin’s collection, which spans all eras from the pre-Dynastic period all the way through to Roman times.

The painted limestone and plaster bust, depicting the elegantly chiselled life-sized features of a stunningly beautiful woman wearing a unique cone-shaped headdress, has been the pride of the collection since German archeologists discovered the bust in the ruins of an ancient artist’s studio on the banks of the Nile on December 7, 1912.

An alluring mystery has surrounded the bust since its discovery, incredibly intact and sporting vibrant colours, after lying forgotten in the sands since the tumultuous days at the close of the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaton, one of the most enigmatic rulers of all time.

In 1913, the Ottoman Empire agreed to allow its finders, part-time German-Jewish archeologist and full-time entrepreneur James Simon and his Prussian colleague Ludwig Borchardt, to keep the bust.

Despite persistent rumours that Borchardt and Simon smuggled out the bust under a coating of mud, the plain truth of the matter is that Ottoman authorities failed to recognize the bust as a masterpiece. The stark style of the Amarna Period was not viewed to be as valuable as more traditional styles of other periods.

Simon, however, immediately recognized the bust’s appeal to European tastes for Art Nouveau and other post-Victorian styles. He breathed a sigh of relief when the Ottoman authorities blindly gave their stamp of approval to his request for removal from Egypt.

Borchardt and Simon carted it off to Europe where Simon displayed Nefertiti prominently in his home in Berlin before later lending it to the Berlin museum and finally donating it in 1920 to the Berlin collection.

The discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922 spawned an Egypto-mania craze as well as the Art Deco style. King Tut’s treasures flaunted the “decadent” style of the late 18th Dynasty, and Nefertiti suddenly was a fashion trend-setter.

Crowds flocked to the Berlin museum in to see Nefertiti and shame- faced Egyptian authorities realized they had made a ghastly mistake a decade earlier.

“They suddenly realized that this bust, which had been dismissed as ‘un-Egyptian’ in 1913, was in fact one of the most exquisite examples of Egyptian art,” the Berlin newspaper quoted one expert as saying.

In 1933 Cairo demanded Nefertiti’s return – the first of many such demands over the decades to come. One of the many titles Hermann Goering held was premier of Prussia (which included Berlin) and, acting in that capacity, Goering suggested to King Fouad I of Egypt that Nefertiti would soon be back in Cairo.

But Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler had other plans. Through the ambassador to Egypt, Eberhard von Stohrer, Hitler informed the Egyptian government that he was an ardent fan of Nefertiti:

“I know this famous bust,” the fuehrer wrote. “I have viewed it and marvelled at it many times. Nefertiti continually delights me. The bust is a unique masterpiece, an ornament, a true treasure!”

Hitler said Nefertiti had a place in his dreams of rebuilding Berlin and renaming it Germania.

“Do you know what Im going to do one day? I’m going to build a new Egyptian museum in Berlin,” Hitler went on.

“I dream of it. Inside I will build a chamber, crowned by a large dome. In the middle, this wonder, Nefertiti, will be enthroned. I will never relinquish the head of the Queen.”

While he did not mention it at the time, Hitler envisioned more for the museum. There was to be an even larger hall of honour, with a bust of Hitler.

Hitler and his mad dreams are long dead. But Nefertiti continues to smile serenely. As she has for 3,300 years. As if to say, this too shall pass. And I shall endure.

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  1. lola sunni said,

    07.22.07 at 3:05 pm

    seriously can u explain what nefertiti did!!! people!! how did she rule, and why do u talk about her tomb so much-more about her, lesss about her death and what not.

  2. DR.KWAME OPOKU said,

    11.06.07 at 4:11 pm

    Now that Italy has returned the huge heavy weight obelisk to Ethiopia, Germany can surely no longer advance any argument about travel difficulties for the less heavy Nefertiti to travel to Cairo. The German authorities will have to look for other grounds for keeping the Egyptian queen in Berlin against her will and the will of the Egyptian people. There is certainly no better place for an old queen than in her own country where she will be with her people. So why are the Germans keeping her? I have heard some say that Nefertiti is more German than Egyptian.Is this because they have kept her in detention for so long that she becomes one of them? Other Africans who have been in Germany for a very long time are not considered as having a right to stay. So why this difference in treatment? Because the Egyptian Queen brings the Germans more tourists and hence more money? Are the Germans in need of money more thant the Egyptians?. One way or other,today or tomorrow,the Egyptian Queen will leave Europe for Africa,as the Axum obelisk has left Europe for Africa. Has European or Italian culture suffered any irreparable damage as a result of this return?
    Kwame Opoku,Vienna 6 November,2007.

  3. Edgard Mansoor said,

    05.01.08 at 7:44 pm

    Dr. Kwame Opoku is absolutely right. Please read my comments on this topic here.

    I shall be making additional comments soon, which will convince the world that the bust of Queen Nefertiti has been kidnapped illegally from Egypt under false pretense, and has been sexually molested by a so-called German-born International leading Egyptologists by allowing the bust (as Mr. Hugh Eakin wrote in the NYTimes of June 21,2003) to be placed on a bronze body clad ONLY in a close-fitting transparent dress, depicting her as essentially a nude.

    Everybody likes justice to be done, and everybody likes the truth.
    Only criminals hate both justice and truth.

    Edgard Mansoor

  4. Edgard Mansoor said,

    05.04.08 at 11:53 pm

    The case of the Nefertiti bust in the Berlin Egyptian Museum calls for more comments: On May 7, 2007, the newscaster of the BBC in Berlin said that after the bust had been discovered by Borchardt in 1912, it had been allowed to be taken to Germany by Borchardt under the terms of an agreement reached in 1913.

    But nothing was ever mentioned about a WRITTEN agreement, and/or one made between such and such individuals . If such an agreement had been made between Borchardt and the Khedive Abbas Hilmi, or whoever were involved in the agreement, the German Officials MUST provide proofs of it.

    An agreement by words of mouth cannot be accepted in any Court of Justice, especially in “The International Court of Justice” in The Hague, since from previous experiences, it is well known that individuals from all aspects of life, especially rich and/or influential, or powerful people, such as Chairmen of the Board of big Corporations, Government High Officials and even Heads of States, etc.. have been exposed as being hypocrites and first class liars, even though they were sworn under oath.

    Therefore, without a factual WRITTEN agreement, the Nefertiti bust had to have been smuggled out of Egypt.

    But what was the object of making a bronze body for the Nefertiti bust if the idea behind it was not to make money ? Wildung claims that it is simply an attempt to pay “HOMAGE” to Nefertiti. Well ! did it ? If that was the case, this bronze body would have been clad in a dress such as that worn by a present-day Queen, or in a dress such as that worn by a lady of the High Society on her way to the opera.

    As I said before, like what Mr. Hugh Eakin said in the NYTime of June 21, 2002, that “to make it worse, the Hungarian bronze is clad ONLY in a close-fitting transparent dress, depicting Nefertiti as essentially a nude”.

    Wildung’s specialty is conspiracy, and the truth is that the making of the bronze body was premeditated, since, when it had been brought to the Berlin Egyptian Museum, the Nefertiti bust fitted exactly into it. Therefore, plans about the making of the bronze body had been made several weeks before the Venice Biennale, where the body of Nefertiti was to be exhibited.

    Wildung’s conspiring nature has been proven in the case of the “Mansoor Amarna Collection” when he conspired behind the Mansoors’ back during a Amarna Art Exhibit in Munich, Hamburg and Brussels, and during which exhibit he claimed in a bombastic manner that the “Mansoor Amarna Collection” consists of forgeries in spite of the fact that the collection has been authenticated by a great number of “Renown Egyptologists” and “Scientists”. Please search “Mansoor Amarna Collection” on your computer, and you will instantly realize that there are many “jealous Art Historians” who condemn authentic works for spite.( see also page 184 in “False Impressions” by Thomas Hoving, formerly Director of the MET).

    At another time, the bombastic Wildung said that portraying Nefertiti on the bronze body was “to show the continued relevance of the ancient world to today’s art. Who is he fooling ? If that was the case, the bronze body together with the Nefertiti bust must had been intended to be exhibited together at the Venice Niennale, or at least the video of the two together, so that the public could see your so-called ‘relevance” Mr. Wildung.

    Only the bronze body had been exhibited. So, where is the continued relevance of the ancient world to today’s art since ONLY the bronze body had been shown during the Venice Biennale ? Speak up Mr. Wildung. What you said is the most ridiculous thing the Director of a big Museum could say. I should call you “Calamity Wildung”. What kind of legacy will you leave for the Berlin Museum if you’re asked asked to step down and out ?

    Now, the question is: had the bronze body been exhibited for free ? or had an entrance fee been charged ? or had copies been made of the video showing Nefertiti on the naked-like bronze body, and post cards made and sold ? and who gained what and/or how much from all this ?

    For sure money had to be the object, and for sure the famous bronze body was not going to be shown for free after all the trouble that had been taken to make it, pack it, transport it to Berlin and unpack it, and after all the precautions that had been taken to bring it safely to Germany.

    And what did you gain from all this Mr. Wildung ? nothing ? fame ? anything else ? did all this make you or the Berlin Museum more famous, or made your position in the Museum more stable ?

    The truth is that all this was unnecessary “crap”, meaning nonsense; almost, but not quite like the crap or elephant’s “dung” used in Ofili’s infamous painting of the “Holy Virgin Mary” which sadly enough had been exhibited in the Brooklyn Museum with the blessing of the Museum’s Director and its administration, and which not surprisingly had scandalized Mayor Rudy Giuliani , Dr. Philippe de Montebello ,and the public.

    So, for once, Wildung & Co. should have taken into consideration the ONLY GOOD THING that “merciless Hitler” ever said in his life, that of exhibiting the Nefertiti bust on a throne. Shame on you Wildung ! instead, you preferred to install the bust on a repelling body fit for a sculptured stone head of a “call girl”, a street-walker; a body that looks like it’s been dipped in a “pool of mud”, or like a cadaver covered allover with scabs.

    And you call this a comparison or marriage between a beautiful antique work of art and a despicable modern work of art ? The public should see your picture with the help of one of the Hungarian artists holding the bust of Nefertiti from under her chin as if both of you are strangling the poor helpless Queen. Does anyone see Nefertiti’s “enigmatic smile” that Wildung imagines he sees on her face ? or does one see a terrified face ?

    To see this nefarious picture, please search “ANTHRO 193 Nefertiti” on your computer, then click on the posting titled “Nefertiti”, and sub- titled “Some even suggest that the Nefertiti head be returned to Egypt…etc”. When you see the picture, compare the bronze body physique from the breasts down to the knees with that of the Nefertiti statuette in the Berlin Museum, Nr. “DDR 21263 on page 66 of the late Cyril Aldred’s book titled “Akhenaten and Nefertiti”, and you will immediately notice the big difference. It will be like comparing real crap with a nice piece of cake.

    The fact that the German Officials and Wildung refuse to lend the bust to Egypt is enough proof of bad faith knowing that Borchardt NEVER got permission to take possession of the bust. They feel guilty and they know that Egypt will not return the bust. And who would blame Egypt for wanting the bust back except greedy Wildung ?

    Mr Alexander Schudy of the “Berlin Network for Development Co-operation” is an intelligent and honest gentleman, and I doubt not that there are millions of German Citizens like him who would AGREE with him just as millions of German Citizens DIDN’T AGREE with what Hitler did to the Jewish people. Mr. Schudy suggested that it is only fair that the Nefertiti bust be lent to Egypt. But Wildung & Co. ignored him. It is late now to lend it to Egypt. It MUST be handed over to Egypt to remain there for good.

    When the Nefertiti bust will return to Egypt, these honest and intelligent people will of couse miss it, but their conscience will feel at ease knowing that Nefertiti is no longer held prisoner against her will and against the will of the Egyptian people. They will also get the feeling that Nefertiti is telling them “Thank you for giving me my freedom. Come visit me soon, you’ll be very well received”.

    Of course Wildung will say “the hell with the will of the Egyptian people, and perhaps he will also tell Nefertiti “you be quiet, you’re going nowhere; like it or not you’re staying right here; the Fuehrer said he will not let you go, and that’s that”. But then, would that be smart of you to say things like that, Mr. Wildung ? Think a little; you’re a grown-up man; use common sense. It may not be too late.

    Nobody wants to be reminded of criminals such as Stalin, Al Capone, Pol Pot, Eichman, Idi Amin Dada, Moussawi, Saddam Hussein, El Zirkawi and others, and on top of the list “Adolf Hitler”. Why then would Wildung & Co. want to revive the Fuehrer’s memory by complying with his wish or order ?

    It’s amazing how Hitler, a “heartless” man fell in love with a queen of Egypt, or did he have a heart ? He said he will NEVER relinquish the Nefertiti bust. This in itself is the best and most sufficient reason to free Nefertiti from the grips of His Excellency Bernd Neumann and Wildung, unless of course they too say the same thing Hitler said, that they will NEVER relinquish the bust of Nefertiti.

    Give up the Nefertiti bust gentlemen; you’re fighting a loosing battle. Forget about Hitler; you can’t win talking like him. I read somewhere that “Hitler and his mad dreams are long dead”. You’re living in the 21st Century. Wake up ! Hey ! wake up !

    And don’t you tell us that if she’s sent back to Egypt, she will not get there in good health. You better remember that 90 years ago, when she had been kidnapped, she travelled with Borchardt in a wooden cage; but today,she will be travelling FIRST CLASS from Germany to Egypt, and it will be the most pleasant, most confortable and most relaxing trip she will ever make, definitely a much better one than when she travelled with Borchardt.

    And once she’s back in Egypt, I am sure that Dr. Hawass will be kind enough to lend her again for exhibits, not only in Germany ,but also to many other countries, especially ones whose citizens can ill afford to travel abroad to admire her. Did the world already forget that Egypt lent the “King Tut Treasures” and many other treasures to so many foreign countries ?

    Edgard Mansoor

    P.S: I must admit that I haven’t been too kind toward Wildung. But if I have been that way, which is not the real me, it is because I want him to learn to not interfere in other peoples’ business; and the crime he committed toward the Mansoor family can ONLY be forgotten AND forgiven if he apologizes and asks for forgiveness He knows now that when someone hurts someone else, sooner or later it will backfire at him.

    If you the readers would like to know what he and his fanatic followers did to the Mansoor family, please search “Mansoor Amarna Collection” on your computer and read also “The Scandal of the Century” which is included in the Mansoor Amarna collection website.

    Thank you.

    Edgard Mansoor

  5. Edgard Mansoor said,

    05.12.08 at 2:51 pm

    For similar cases and more comments,please visit also this page, this page & this page.

    Thank you,

    Edgard Mansoor

  6. Edgard Mansoor said,

    05.12.08 at 4:53 pm

    Have you seen Wildung and one of the Hungarian artists in the process of fitting the Nefertiti bust on the famous Nefertiti naked-like bronze body ?

    With reverence, the two men are holding nefertiti from her neck as if strangling the poor Queen and forcing her on top of the repulsive mud-covered-looking body fit for a carved stone head of a call-girl or a street-walker.

    To see the picture, please search ” ANTHRO 193 Nefertiti “, and click on the site that says: ” NEFERTITI ”

    I think Wildung would make a better director of a nudist club than the director of a big respectable Museum such as the Berlin Egyptian Museum !

    ” Honni soit qui mal y pense ”

    Edgard Mansoor

  7. Edgard Mansoor said,

    07.07.08 at 8:09 pm

    To see Wildung’s amazing picture in living colors, facing Nefertiti, embarrassed, ashamed of himself for having dared place her atop an indecent loolikg body, search: “Nefertiti bronze body ” on your computer,then click on the site that says “Al Ahram Weakly/Egypt//Ancient beauty sabotaged” and it will get you there.

    Wildung is asking Nefertiti: ” What do you say of all this fuss ? ”
    He doesn’t dare ask Akhenaten this question. He must have a guilty conscience.

    Edgard Mansoor

  8. Edgard Mansoor said,

    07.13.08 at 4:39 pm

    The German officials headed by Wildung claim that the Ottoman authorities had given Borchardt permission to take possession of the Neferftiti bust, and therfore allowed him to take it out of Egypt.

    If by saying “the Ottoman authorities”, the Germans mean the “Khedive Abbas Hilmi”, they are then making up a beautiful bedtime story, because they know quite well that the Khedive would have never allowed the Nefertiti to leave the country, knowing how fond of attractive ladies he is.

    If by saying “the Ottoman authorities” they mean the individuals in charge of the customs’ office, they are then trying to fool the world, because they know very well that the division of antiquities found by excavators, half of which is awarded to the excavator, has to be approved by the Director General of the Antiquities Service who would have been Gaston Maspero, and that would be hardly credible unless they had bribed him, which in this case would be more than 100% impossible to believe. If they claim Maspero had been bribed, their case would even be much worse as they will be recognized as having been.”fraudulent” scholars.

    Knowing how the Fuehrer had fooled the World by claiming he had no intention of doing this and that, and knowing how he said ” I will never relinquish the Nefertiti bust, the only thing one can think of is that the Germans want to keep the Nefertiti bust because its exhibition in the Museum brings in a fortune, not only to the Museum, but also to all of Germany. The Nefertiti bust is the best promotion for tourism in Germany. It’s Germany’s gold mine. Let the Egyptians bark; we don’t care; we want the money ! We won’t even give them a share of the loot.

    Wildung says that his “Egyptian colleagues know very well that Nefertiti will never leave Germany”. This is the most stupid claim a scholar can make. If his Egyptian colleagues knew very well that Nefertiti will never leave Germany, why then would they be asking for her return again, and again, and again ? Wildung is here playing the role of a psychiatrist, he’s simply trying to put in their head the idea that Nefertiti will never leave Germany, that it is futile to ask for her return to Egypt. He wants his Egyptian colleagues to know that like the Fuehrer, he is not willing to part with his beloved money-maker. What ? You want to take her away from us ? You can wait! and wait forever !

    As an Egyptologist/psychiatrist, one is surprised to see how Wildung was able to convince a gentleman more educated and more intelligent than him, [his Excellency Berndt Newmann, Minister of Culture of Germany] that it would be “illogical” to let Nefertiti travel such a long distance, that she’s “too fragile” to make the trip, when in reality his Excellency KNOWS VERY WELL that Nefertiti had already travelled the same distance some 90 years ago. So ! How did Wildung succeed to have his Excellency back him up ? “It’s the money your Excellency; the loss would be too great; we may have to close the Museum if we loose her. Would you believe that at one time Wildung said that !

    If you ask Wildung how then did Borchardt manage to take her to Germany and did not think she was too fragile to travel, his answer would be that Borchardt didn’t have time to think about that; time was pressing and he had to smuggle her out of Egypt fast”.

    The bottom line is this: Mr. Wildung ! forget about Hitler, don’t think and don’t talk like him anymore. He said “I will not relinquish the Nefertiti bust”, and you should say ” I’ll let go of her, I don’t want to remind the German people of you”. Remember what happened to Hitler’s figure at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in Berlin ! All too recently he lost his head. This should remind you that you must not revive his memory, that nobody wants you to repeat what he said; and that’s that.

    Berlin is the fastest growing city in the World in Jewish population. These people are intelligent and hard workers and they don’t want to be reminded of Hitler, They will make up for the loss of Nefertiti. Just wait and see. You’ll be surprised.

    Edgard Mansoor

  9. Edgard Mansoor said,

    08.17.08 at 6:56 pm

    At one time, Dietrich Wildung, the so-called International leading Egyptologist, claimed that ” It is an enormous risk to let the Nefertiti bust travel “. And then, the grrreat Doctorrr said: “We could never be certain that she would arrive in good health”, and that’s what the great Doctor said; he knows about the health of antiquities.

    But who is he trying to fool ? Is something wrong with his memory? did he already forget that the Nefertiti bust travelled in the company of Borchardt and/or Simon? and does he know that the distance from Egypt to Germany is the same as from Germany to Egypt? Maybe he should measure it himself if he’s not so sure.

    Should he have his memory checked or tested before he drags along with him more intelligent people than him ?

    He already got the Honorable Bernd Neumann, the German Culture Minister to agree with him. Who’s next? Perhaps Dr. Zahi Hawass? No, that’s out of question. But he can always try; and if he succeeds I’ll call him a genius.

    Now folks, please don’t let this so-called International leading Egyptologist fool you or fool anyone anymore. He is no longer the International leading Egyptologist he was thought to be just because he is the Director of the Berlin Egyptian Museum. Perhaps he is the most popular, but he’s not the most knowledgeable, and he is the most selfish individual just like Cooney of the Brooklyn Museum.

    Read for instance what Dr. Betsy Brian, Egyptologist at the “Johns Hopkins University” declared publicly in the “Smithsonian” magazine of November 2007, page 50. She said that Dr. Hourig Sourouzian is probably “the best Egyptian Art Historian of our time”. She didn’t even mention Wildung by name or otherwise.

    This of course is a matter of opinion. I am sure Egyptologist Hourig Sourouzian is a very good Art Historian, but with all due respect to her, I have no doubt that there are other Art Historians just as good as her. Who is to say who is the best? If you ask Wildung he will tell you : I am the one , I am the only one; but the day will come when he will realize he is ‘the lonely one “, that is “the lonely Egyptologist”, very lonely.

    Is that all? of course it is not. In a letter dated September 30, 2005, which letter I have right now IN MY HAND, the Chairman of the Board of a respectable corportation tells us that “Dietrich Wildung is ONE of the leading “INTERNATIONAL” Egyptologists. Do I understand correctly that Wildung is no longer “THE” leading International Egyptologist?

    If that’s the case, can you imagine what would happen if ONLY TWO, not 3, not 4, of the Internation leading Egyptologists do not agree with each other about a certain subject, or about authenticating one particular object, yes, can you imagine what would happen? Chaos? Turmoil? Confusion? or perhaps “boxing? wrestling? face slapping?

    Can anyone imagine Wildung, when he was still recognized as the International Leading Egyptologist, confusing Nefertiti with Nefertari !

    I think this is enough for one posting. There is nothing such as ONE leading International Egyptologist; but there certainly is what I would call “some of the most learned, most intelligent, and most experienced Egyptologists”, and those are the ones I respect. Sometimes they are right, and sometimes they may be wrong. They must always remember that they are Human Beings, and Human Beigns ERR. Wildung doesn’y know that.

    Edgard Mansoor

  10. Simon Pearson said,

    12.30.08 at 7:25 am

    The bust of Nefertiti belongs back in Egypt, plain and simple!

    I am staggered at the arrogance of the director of the Berlin museum and as for putting it atop the bronze, almost nude body, the mind boggles; what on earth was he/they thinking?

    Shame on you ! Return the bust now !

  11. Edgard Mansoor said,

    06.19.09 at 1:47 pm

    The best thing that’s going to happen to the Berlin Egyptian Museum to regain its respect and integrity, is to see Dietrich Wildung, the Great International Leading Egyptologist of All Times ” F A D E A W A Y ” at the end of June 2009.

    Bye Bye Mister Wildung. Good riddance.

    Edgard Mansoor

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