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Museum in Britain returns 454 Egyptian artefacts

Various artefacts that are alleged to have been looted were returned to Egypt by a small museum in the UK. It is unclear from the article quite how they got there, how they were acquired without sufficient due diligence & why they are now being returned – it sets a good example to other museums though that actions should be taken to restore looted artefacts to their rightful owners.

ArtInfo [1]

British Museum Returns 454 Artifacts to Egypt
Published: May 1, 2009

CAIRO—Britain’s Myers Museum has returned 454 ancient artifacts to Egypt, according to Bloomberg.

The artifacts, which include beaded necklaces and bronze coins, had been removed from Egypt between 1972 and 1988, after antiquities trafficking was banned in 1970, said Hussein Al-Afuni, a head of Egypt’s Red Sea antiquities department, in a statement.

The Myers Museum is a collection of ancient Egyptian decorative arts, which is part of Eton College, in Windsor, west of London.

Since 2002, Egypt has recovered some 5,000 ancient Egyptian artifacts that were taken out of the country.