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The Black Parthenon – an art instalation about cultural property restitution

An art installation in Melbourne aims to raise awareness of the issues surrounding the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum, along with other repatriation cases around the world.

GRReporter [1]

Black Parthenon magic
14 July 2009 :: 11:28:19

A mourning installation appeared in Melbourne in the beginning of July, called “The Black Parthenon.” With the help of a black canvas in chiaroscuro lighting and quirked in a way, which resembles the original Athenian Acropolis, the Greek origin artist Konstantinos Dimopoulos expressed his support for the return of the Parthenon marbles back to Athens.

During the day the black tone installation looks like a funeral alter, which symbolizes the feeling of loss. The author dedicates it to all countries, who have become a subject of cultural-historic heritage theft. During the night, the installation is lid in bright blue and white tones, which make the Black Parthenon stand out and its silhouette reminds of the real Acropolis.

The Parthenon marbles are in the British Museum right now and the idea of their return back to Athens is gathering many adherents in Australia, among which are the former Prime Ministers – Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser.

The artist Konstantinos Dimopoulos or Kon for short, was born in 1954 in Egypt but he has spent his life in New Zealand and in Australia. He has a very specific sculpture and canvas style, which elegantly dance with the wind. His works can be seen in many private and public collections in Asutralia, New Zealand and in the US. One of his most popular works is Pacific Grass, which is one of the landmarks in Wellington, New Zealand. “My sculptures are like ballet. People like to stop, look at them and hear the sounds of their movements,” says the artist.

The Black Parthenon installation is part of the lights festival in Melbourne.