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The Elgin Marbles & Lindow Man

Lindow Man, the body found in a bog in 1984, returned to Manchester today, on loan from the British Museum. BBC Radio Manchester [1] has identified the benefits of displaying artefacts in the vicinity of where they were found – of retaining their local identity & interviewed me this morning for their new programme. You can listen to this interview in mp3 format here [2].

Manchester Evening News [3]

Lindow man returns home
Yakub Qureshi
18/ 4/2008

A MAN frozen in time for the last 2,000 years received a warm welcome on his returned home to the north west.

The Lindow Man became one of the region’s most celebrated residents after his discovery in a peat bog near Wilmslow in 1984.

For the last decade, the superbly-preserved figure, who dates back to around 55BC, has astounded visitors at the British Museum in London.

He is now on loan to Manchester Museum where he will be on display for the next year – the third time he has been displayed in the city.

Despite decades of probing, mystery still surrounds the body, which was found facedown in a bog, at Lindow Moss, by commercial peat-cutters.

In a display of pre-historic over-eagerness, experts say the Iron-Age man was probably bludgeoned, garrotted and had his throat slashed as part of an elaborate ritual.