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April 18, 2012

Youth Fund of Armenia calls for return of bronze head of Goddess Anahit

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More coverage of the calls for the return of the bronze head of the goddess Anahit in the British Museum to Armenia.


Group Calls on British Museum to Return Bronze Head of Goddess Anahit
10:56, February 17, 2012

A group in Armenia is calling for the return of a bronze head found in 1872 in the town of Sadak (ancient Satala) in north-eastern Turkey purported to depict the Armenian goddess Anahit.

The head was eventually sold to the British Museum. The Youth Fund of Armenia has written to the British Ambassador in Yerevan, requesting that he convey their message to authorities in London. The Fund states that a petition drive will be soon be launched to this end,
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April 16, 2012

Campaign to return statue of goddess Anahit from the British Museum to Armenia

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Campaigners in Armenia want the British Museum to return a statue of the goddess Anahit. It is unclear from the article, exactly how the statue came to leave Armenia in the the first place & ended up in the British Museum. It is however, clear, as in many such cases, that the sentimental value of the statue is worth far more to Armenians than it is to the general public who see it in the British Museum.

The Armenian Reporter

Campaign for Anahit’s return to Armenia from British Museum
Published: Monday April 09, 2012

I am a Pre-Med student at the University of California, Irvine studying Biological Sciences. I was born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia. As a child I was taken to every major museum in Yerevan. This has contributed immensely to who I have become today and why I decided to undertake this time-consuming initiative.

I studied in the United Kingdom for some time and my constant visits to the museums led me to the discovery that the fragments of the iconic statue of the goddess Anahit whose image symbolized so much of my childhood (and history) were just sitting there confined within the few sentences of description. Reminiscing the postal stamps, 5000 Dram notes, Agathangelos, Navasard and all the Anahits that I have met throughout my life, I promised myself that upon my return to the States I would do everything in my abilities to have her repatriated to Armenia.
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