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August 17, 2009

Britain won’t return the Elgin Marbles to Greece

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The fact that half of the Parthenon Sculptures are housed in the British Museum is a source of continual tension for between Greece & Britain – but Britain makes little effort to do anything to try & resolve this situation).

Business Day (South Africa)

Greece has lost its marbles and Britain won’t give them back
David Lascelles
Published: 2009/08/13 08:47:39 AM

GREECE must rank among the most romantic countries in Europe — its classical monuments, its islands, its sunshine and laid-back way of life. At this time of year, people flock there in their thousands to soak it all up.

Yet Greece is also one of the trickiest countries in Europe, a source of tension with its Balkan neighbours and with the European Union (EU), to which it has belonged since 1981. Greece and Turkey eye each other with suspicion across the Aegean Sea. The “Macedonian question” dogs its relations with its northern neighbours. Greece’s weak economy and turbulent politics make it a perpetual source of anxiety for the rest of the EU, who suspect that one day they will have to club together to bail it out, or invite it to leave.
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