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September 24, 2013

Recovering stolen artefacts for profit – the downsides to the Art Loss Register

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The Art Loss Register has for some time now aimed to create a listing of stolen artefacts, with the aim that they can be more easily returned to their original owners if they are found. On paper this seems like a great idea, but the reality is somewhat different.

As I mentioned in a recent post there is a problem, in that auction houses are treating it as in some way authoritive, as a way of validating artefacts as not being looted. The reality though is that it is far from a comprehensive list.

It seems though that this is the least of its problems. The New York Times published a piece on it recently & since then, various people have blogged about their own issued with it.

In particular, I suggest reading Tom Flynn’s article & Dorothy King’s article.

New York Times

Tracking Stolen Art, for Profit, and Blurring a Few Lines
Published: September 20, 2013

Early in the morning of May 11, 1987, someone smashed through the glass doors of the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, removed a Matisse from a wall and fled.

All it took was daring and a sledgehammer.

The whereabouts of the painting, “Le Jardin,” remained a mystery until the work was found last year and made a celebratory trip home in January.
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January 24, 2013

Collecting the Parthenon – Talk by Dorothy King at the Wallace Collection

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Dorothy King is giving a talk at the Wallace Collection on 28th January, as part of their History of Collecting series of seminars.

The title is a little worrying – one hopes this isn’t the point at which she outlines that the marbles were just the start & now is the time to organise the the removal of rest of the Parthenon…

Wallace Collection

History of Collecting Seminars

Seminars in the History of Collecting Programme 2013. All lectures start at 17.30 in the Wallace Collection Lecture Theatre. Booking not required unless stated:

28th January: Dorothy King, Independent scholar, Collecting the Parthenon


June 2, 2012

BBC4 Four reshowing Elgin Marbles documentary tomorrow evening

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BBC Four is reshowing a documentary directed by Robin Dashwood, that it originally made in 2004, to coincide with the Athens Olympics, about the story behind the Parthenon Sculptures & how they came to end up in the British Museum.


The Elgin Marbles
Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Sun 3 Jun 2012 21:00 BBC Four, Repeats Mon 4 Jun 2012 02:30 BBC Four

Drama-documentary in which art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon tells the story of the greatest cultural controversy of the last 200 years. He explores the history of the Elgin Marbles, tells the dramatic story of their removal from Athens and cites the arguments for and against their return to Greece.

July 8, 2008

Items from the St Clair Archive

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Dorothy King has unexpectedly posted on her blog, photos of a number of items from the St Clair Archive at the British Museum. This archive includes amongst other things, the only surviving translation of the firman that it is claimed permitted Elgin to take the marbles and the first letter from Greece requesting the return of marbles.

You can read her own introduction to the items from the archive (& her reasons for posting them online) here.

A full list of all her posts relating to the archive is available here.

Each post contains an overview, followed by additional posts that show more detailed photos, so that in most cases it should be possible to read the text. It is suggested that if you are interested in studying these items, you download them, in case at some later date they become unavailable.

November 16, 2003

Is Dorothy King going to help the British Museum keep the Elgin Marbles?

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In recent months, Dorothy King has been highlighted as the person who is going to spearhead the British Museum’s fight to keep the Elgin Marbles in the UK. It remains to be seen whether she will have significant effect on the inevitable paradigm shift within the museums community.

The Observer

Arts and humanities
The woman who is rewriting history… from the year Dot
David Smith, arts and media correspondent
Sunday November 16, 2003
The Observer

Cooking has Nigella Lawson, gardening has Charlie Dimmock and poetry has Daisy Goodwin. Now archaeology is the next subject to receive a glamorous TV makeover, thanks to an outspoken 30-year-old blonde dubbed ‘the female Indiana Jones’.

But whereas viewers are happy to watch a domestic goddess at work in the kitchen, Dr Dorothy King is already provoking a backlash in a profession still regarded as one of the last bastions of male dominance. Her undiplomatic views on the controversy surrounding the Elgin Marbles have seen her dismissed in archaeological circles as ‘not a serious academic’ and ridiculed as ‘a rich amateur with a flag to wave’.
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