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May 14, 2010

Flintshire councillor wants to build museum to allow return of Mold Golden Cape

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The Golden Cape of Mold is an currently held in the British Museum, despite the fact that Wales has regularly been calling for its return. The latest plan is to build a new museum to hose it if it was returned. Before rushing into this idea though I think they should bear in mind that a suitable home for the artefact is no guarantee of return – the Acropolis Museum in Athens is currently an example of this although hopefully the situation will change.

The Leader (Flintshire, Wales)

‘Let’s open a museum for Gold Cape’ says Flintshire councillor
Published date: 22 March 2010 | Published by: Lois Hough

A CALL has been made for a new museum to be opened in Mold to house a historic Welsh artefact.

Mold East councillor Chris Bithell, who is also a member of Mold Civic Society, said: “I think the old courthouse building in Mold would be ideal to house the Mold Gold Cape.
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