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March 20, 2012

US school children make replica of Parthenon frieze

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Children at a school in the US have made casts of the Parthenon Frieze with the help of a local sculptor.

Mill Valley Patch

Greenwood Fifth Graders Recreate a Piece of the Parthenon
Replicas of classic friezes will be unveiled in the school’s play yard Friday morning in advance of a fund raising auction March 24 at the Mill Valley Community Center.
By Jim Welte
March 16, 2012

The 13 fifth graders at the Greenwood School are studying ancient Greece, including the iconic art and architecture that emerged from that seminal civilization.

But why simply study history when you can recreate it?

Leaning heavily on the artistic talents of one of its parents, sculptor Roberto Varriale, the students produced four eye-catching friezes made from original casts of Athens’ fabled Parthenon. Those friezes are being unveiled Friday morning in the school’s play yard and will be auctioned off during the its annual fundraiser March 24 at the Mill Valley Community Center.
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