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July 12, 2008

KKE criticise plans for New Acropolis Museum management structure

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Predictably (for any who follow Greek politics) the KKE (Greece’s Communist Party) has criticised plans that the New Acropolis Museum should be run any differently to every other museum in Greece – that is to say, they would prefer that there was never any progress, beyond the current self-serving culture of regular strike action that currently holds back development of the country’s museums.

For the New Acropolis Museum to be a truly world class museum though & achieve its goals, things have to change – conceptually is not the same as other Greek state run museums, so why should it have to operate in exactly the same way?

Athens News Agency

KKE rejects PM’s proposal


KKE leader meets archaeologists

In another development, KKE [The Communist Party of Greece] Secretary General Aleka Papariga met on Tuesday with the Greek Archaeologists Society saying afterwards that her party supported the archaeologists’ protest and stands by their side in light of the bill that will be tabled in Parliament and “which, in essence, passes a form of privatisation to the new museum which is being disengaged from the Acropolis.”

Papariga added that in general the sector of excavations and of archaeological monuments “is literally in danger from the most extreme privatisation because, unfortunately, archaeological treasure is also considered in Greece a means of obtaining wealth, a means of tourism and this is unacceptable.”