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January 25, 2011

The Road to Nasiriyah – A film about the looting of Iraq’s archaeological sites

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A documentary film is being produced, looking at the looting of Iraq’s archaeological sites after the country’s dictator was overthrown in 2003.

You can watch a trailer for the film here. log in as: Nasiriyah with the password: Journey Note that these are both case sensitive.

Four Corners Media

The Road to Nasiriyah
The Great Holiday Appeal

After four years of hard work on our documentary film from Iraq, The Road to Nasiriyah, we are nearing the end of the journey. We are happy to share with you that we are now at a one hour and forty eight minute rough cut, and plan to finish the film this spring.

To help us reach that goal, we are raising finishing funds in an end-of-year holiday appeal. We appreciate all of your support and encouragement that helped us get to this point.
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