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August 4, 2009

Should Nefertiti & the Elgin Marbles return home?

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The British Museum continues to hold onto the Parthenon Marbles, despite polls show that most people in Britain are in favour of their return. Whether or not Elgin had some form of permission at the time to remove the pieces, times have now changed & most would argue that it is ethically & morally right that the artefacts are returned.

New West Network

Should Nefertiti and the Elgin Marbles Go Home?
By Nick Gier, New West Unfiltered 7-28-09

Once again the Greek government has demanded that the Parthenon Marbles, better known in imperialist circles as the Elgin Marbles, be returned from the British Museum to the Greek people. The stunning new Acropolis Museum has just opened, and there is a gallery where a plaster copy of half the famous frieze waits to be replaced with the original.

Noting that the Greeks had previously been amenable to a generous loan policy, the British journal The Economist states that “the Greek government risks driving museums everywhere into clinging to their possessions for fear of losing them. If the aim is for the greatest number of people to see the greatest number of treasures, a better way must be found.”
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